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Our clients often walk into the program with just the clothes on their back.

Helping Today Leads to Healing Tomorrow.

The services we can provide or assist with have grown since our opening in 2020 through our community partnerships.


We start with a Housing First Model- clients are admitted into housing and given a day or two to settle in. They often need a shower, a hot meal,  a comfortable night of sleep and a change of clothing.


Within the first week of being in the program the client meets with a community resource coordinator to complete a needs assessment. The client is given a chance to share their needs and goals.

The general population may take for granted having their birth certificate, Social Security card and MD ID or license. These documents are necessary for an individual to gain employment or rent an apartment. Our population often enters the program without any of these vital documents. We assist them with obtaining all the documents and keep copies on file if they lose them in the future.


As clients are working with our partner organization, Exodus Behavioral Health, on their mental health and recovery, we can begin to address additional goals such as vocational training, returning to school, and  employment opportunities. Each of these provides greater chance toward a life of independence and success.

Another Life Saved Organization provides a continuum of services to assist our clients in rebuilding a life of health, recovery, and personal autonomy.

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Transitional Housing

We provide transitional housing for individuals 18 and older while they engage in addiction and mental health treatment. Clients may stay in Another Life Saved housing for up to 2 years while they work on rebuilding their lives. They must be engaged in treatment services and working with our team to acquire the resources and skills necessary to live an independent life.

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Recovery Support Services

A Peer Resource Coordinator meets with each new client during their first week to identify the needs and goals of the client. A plan and goals are set and together the client and Peer Resource Coordinator begin to apply for and complete the goals



Another Life Saved Organization currently operates 4 vans that are used to transport clients to treatment services, medical appointments, vocational training, court appearances, and other services. We believe that by operating the transportation services we help clients to remain in treatment and avoid the temptations and risks on the streets of Baltimore. Our drivers are all trained in safety and in motivational techniques. They are often the first people a new client meets when entering our program.


Community Outreach

Homelessness is only partially visible. Our Outreach Team specializes
in reaching out to individuals in the community, listening to their stories, building
meaningful connections, and meeting them where they are geographically, physically, and emotionally.

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