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Another Life Saved Organization (ALSO) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that supports men and women fighting the diseases of addiction, mental illness, and homelessness. Our organization works closely with each client to meet their immediate needs of food, shelter, transportation, and clothing. Every client brings their unique story to Another Life Saved Organization, and we use a holistic approach to assist them in achieving their personal goals.

During their time with us we work with clients to rebuild what they may have lost. We assist them in gaining access to essential community resources.  We work with each client so that when they leave Another Life Saved Organization they are prepared to live in stable housing and maintain their new productive lifestyle and contribute to the community.


Our Mission

To provide safe, supportive housing, food, clothing, transportation, and community support services for individuals living with a substance use disorder, mental illness, and homelessness. We help our clients to restore their personal dignity and empower them to live a rewarding and meaningful life.


Our Vision

One day we will live in a country where every individual and family will live in stable housing, eat nutritious food, and have access to all the support needed to maintain a roof over their head.


The Another Life Saved Organization Honors Your Loved Ones

Create a memorial on our Memorial Wall, a space dedicated to remembering and honoring loved ones. Each notation of remembrance is a lasting memory to the life and legacy of those we hold dear. 

A minimum $10.00 donation required for each memorial, remains posted 1 year.
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