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The process of rebuilding our clients involves creating a plan and utilizing all available community resources.

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A Peer Resource Coordinator meets with each new client during their first week to identify the needs and goals of the client. A plan and goals are set and together the client and Peer Resource Coordinator begin to apply for and complete the goals.

Our team has extensive experience with community resources and works diligently with each client to understand their individual needs and goals and then works with our community partners to achieve their goals.

The program services include but are not limited to:

  • Food Stamps

  • Cash Assistance

  • Social Security Cards

  • Birth Certificates

  • MD ID/ Licenses

  • GED/ College enrollment

  • Primary Care appointments

  • Dental

  • SSI/SSDI applications

  • Health Insurance

  • Criminal Justice Advocacy

  • Financial Literacy

  • Housing applications

  • Vocational training

  • Clothing Closet

  • Food Pantry


The Another Life Saved Organization Honors Your Loved Ones

Create a memorial on our Memorial Wall, a space dedicated to remembering and honoring loved ones. Each notation of remembrance is a lasting memory to the life and legacy of those we hold dear. 

A minimum $10.00 donation required for each memorial, remains posted 1 year.
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